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International Seminar - Democracy, Socialism and visions for the 21st century

Listen into Marta Harnecker, (Canada/Venezuela), Yannis Almpanis (Greece), Adalberto Floriano Greco Martins (Brazil), Gustavo Codas (Paraguay/Brazil), Michael Leibowitz (Canada/Venezuela), Gilbert Achcar (UK), Mamdou Habashi (Egypt), Katu Arkonada (Bolivia), Pablo Salon (Bolivia/Thailand), Fred Hendricks (South Africa), Gasper Morquecho (Mexico), Sam Moyo (Zimbabwe), Daniel Chavez (Netherlands), Hoang Phuong Thao(Vietnam) and many others in conversation with Indian friends at the International Seminar held @ Hyderabad - March 2014. 

Dates: March 7th to 10th, 2014

Venue: Hotel Katriya, Raj Bhavan Road, Hyderabad, India

Organisers: Telangana Vidhyavantula Vedika (Telangana Intellectuals Forum), Centre for Dalit Studies and the Democracy Dialogues of ActionAid India.

The participants are representatives from social movements, left and progressive parties, trade unions, civil society, dalit, women and human rights groups. 


Agenda: To deliberate on issues concerning understanding contemporary capitalism and its possible future trajectory in the midst of questions like;

  • Can democracy and socialism become viable allies, and provide an alternative to capitalism for the 21st century?
  • What can we learn from the experience of new experiments of ‘socialism with Latin American characteristics’?
  • What are the new visions that can dynamically and organically become part of the idea of a new world?  


Day 4

Session 2 - Telengana and its future trajectory

M Kondandram (India), S Sudhakar Reddy (India) , Syed Amin Jafri (India), Zaheeruddin Ali Khan (India), Ch. Hanumantha Rao (India)

Rama Melkote (India) - Chair

Part 1 and 2

Session - 1 - The Welfare State, Federalism and Participatory Democracy

Gustavo Codas (Brazil), Fred Hendricks (South Africa), Prabhat Patnaik (India), B Sudharshan Reddy (India), K S Chalam (India)

K Raju (India) - Chair 

DAY - 3 

Session 4 - Democracy under capitalism and socialism 

Michael Lebowitz (Canada/Venezuela) ,Praeep Gyawali (Nepal), Ravi Sinha (India) 

 G Haragopal (India) - Chair

Session 3 - Living Well: Towards social and sustainable development

Marta Harnecker (Canada/Venezuela), Pablo Solon (Bolivia/ Thailand), Leo Saldanha (India), Aditya Nigam (India)

Sudha Vasan (India) - Chair

Session 2 - The Class and Caste Question: Ambedkar and Marx

Anand Teltumbde (India), V Krishna (India), Subhash Gatade (India) 

Rajasekhar Vundru (India) - Chair

Session 1 -Struggle for Socialist Alternatives 

Marta Harnecker (Canada/Venezuela, Daniel Chavez (Netherlands), Yannis Almpanis (Greece) , Aditya Nigam (India)

 Ravi Sinha (India) - Chair

Day - 2

Session - 4 - Lessons from the Arab Spring: Dialogue

Soha Ben Slama (Tunisia), Gilbert Achcar (Lebanon/UK) 

Mamdouh Habashi (Egypt) 

Seema Mustafa (India) - Chair

Highlights - Day 1 - Inaugural Ceremony 

(Chief Guest - S. Jaipal Reddy, Minister, Science and Technology, GoI)



(Courtesy: Benny Kuruvilla/ActionAid)