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LandFor Communities and with Women

Community land in Kenya is particularly under serious threat of being grabbed, thereby alienating it from direct access by smallholder farmers, especially women, who solely depend on it for their survival and livelihoods.

The  land for communities and with women campaign aims for the protection and promotion of livelihood rights of local communities
and especially women by demanding for effective community participation in investment opportunities.
Through this campaign, we mobilise women smallholder land users and the itinerant communities to support them to organise and resist any threat over land that they occupy. This campaign is being pursued in the following specific objectives:
1. Women and communities living in poverty and exclusion organize
and defend their rights to land and natural resources in private and
communal settings
2.  Rights of women and communities living in poverty and exclusion
are safeguarded through enactment and implementation of community
land laws and investment regulations
3.  Land related transactions are done transparently with increased
access to information to women and communities living in poverty
and exclusion and their participation