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ActionAid Kenya condemns Garrisa terrorist attack

Gunmen from a terrorist group stormed a university in Kenya on Thursday 2nd April, 2015. At least 152 people were killed in what is the worst attack on Kenyan soil since the United States of America Embassy bombing in 1998. HSM-Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack.

The siege lasted around 15 hours after the gunmen shot their way into the Garissa University College campus in the pre-dawn attack. According to a report from International NGO Safety Organization (INSO), 4 attackers were among the 152 deceased and 600 students and lecturers were rescued.

 ActionAid Kenya has a small presence in Garrissa County where two staff members are based. AAK also works in the County in partnership with a local organisation known as Womankind. We are in constant touch with our staff and the Partner Organisation. All staff including staff of the partner organization is accounted for and safe. Further steps were taken to ensure that the two staff members located in Garrissa were evacuated and solidarity messages passed on to the Executive Director of Womankind. Necessary measures, precautions and advise is currently being  given to staff on what steps to take and areas to avoid in line with the advisories received from INSO.

ActionAid Kenya condemns acts of any form of violence meted on citizens as was witnessed in Garissa and is appalled by the blatant violation of Human Rights. ActionAid Kenya stands shoulder to shoulder with families that lost loved ones and the country as a whole during these difficult times.