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ActionAid launches the ending violence against women and girls programme

Nairobi, Kenya, ActionAid International Kenya (AAIK) launched the Ending Violence against Women and Girls in urban places programme. The programme which is funded by DFID is centered on ending all forms of violence and discrimination against girls and women and making cities safer places for all.  It will benefit close to 20,000 women and girls in Bangladesh, Kenya, Myanmar, and Zimbabwe. 

Launching the  Programme, Lisa Phillips,  Head of DFID  in Kenya  called  for a  multisectoral  approach to  end  violence  against women and girls. “ We will only reverse the  grim statistics if we proactively work together with the government through the National Gender Equality Commission, Anti- FGM Board and other state agencies, donors and  NGOs like  ActionAid   to create  awareness, put in proper legislation and follow through to full implementation”. She  observed.

Donatella Fregonese ,  the Global Programme Lead, pointed to  the  urgent need to address widespread violence against women and girls in cities and urban spaces across the globe. A pilot project by AAIK revealed that the constant threat of sexual violence and lack of police presence in informal settlements mean that many women are too scared to leave their homes to use communal sanitation facilities.

Hon. Linah Kilimo from the Anti FGM board called upon participants to work together to eliminate the practice of FGM.  She retaliated the commitment   of the Anti-FGM board to eliminate  FGM in this  generation.

Commissioner Florence Nyokabi from the National Gender Equality Commission emphasized the need to operationalize the no 2/3rd one gender rule as enshrined in the constitution of the Republic of Kenya.

Speaking at the launch, Bijay Kumar, Executive Director, AAIK emphasized ActionAid’s commitment to unapologetically take sides with women living in poverty and exclusion. “We must prioritize security for women and girls in order to guarantee them access to better healthcare, education and livelihood opportunities, this will only be achievable through training, awareness raising and effective policy legislation and its effective implementation”. He noted.  

The launch was attended by donors (DFID, DANIDA, DFAT), corporate partners (Ericsson Kenya and Safaricom Foundation), The National Gender Equality Commission, Anti FGM board, UN agencies (UNFPA, UN Women), Civil society groups (WEL,CRAWN, WANGU KANJA FOUNDATION, SAUTI YA WANAWAKE) and ActionAid colleagues involved in this project from across the four countries.