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General Elections March 04, 2013

Statement from the Tennyson Williams, Country Director, ActionAid Kenya on the March 04, Elections


 This election is historic. It heralds a new dawn for Kenya and women in particular. For the very first time we have a Women Representative seat reserved exclusively for women. This is a hard won battle to ensure equity and equal representation of all gender in elective politics.  But this is not enough. Kenyans must make a deliberate and decisive action to vote in more women in other elective seats. We are alive to the fact that the outcome of these elections may not achieve the required one third gender rule; but Kenyans have a responsibility to ensure that women voices are heard more than ever before. This is an opportunity to exercise their rights, vote in women and change the status quo.

 We also urge the voters to vote in peace.  Leaders’ especially presidential candidates must respect the outcome of these elections. They must uphold the ideals of democracy and respect the will of Kenyans. This is the only way to demonstrate to the world that Kenya’s democracy has come of age.

 The government that will come to power on March 04 must implement the constitution to the latter. The constitution is supreme and is very clear on provisions of equity and equality especially for people living in poverty and exclusion. We therefore look forward to speedy and full implementation of the Bill of Rights; a  key element of the constitution to ensure that Kenyans have access to affordable health care, education and  decent living.”