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International Day for Zero Tolerance for FGM in Kamuthe

Kamuthe LRP marked the zero tolerance for FGM day on 6th February. For ActionAid, it’s a day that reminds us that girls all over the world have rights to a life of dignity. Promoting girls and women’ rights are part of our lives each day while contributing to the struggle and eventual attainment of women’s and girls’ rights in all spheres of life.

The day was marked in Sankuri ward of Garissa County. The participants of the day comprised of women rep from the entire county, women leaders including the 6 nominated women from the county, Kamuthe women network, Unicef, Womankind Kenya, Religious leaders and Elders. Others partners also included the County and National government representative, where the county Government was represented by the CEC Women, Children’s and Culture Minister while the National government was represented by the Sub County Commissioner of Garissa who was also the guest of honor for the day. The day was organized in Sankuri primary where school going children from 5 schools were presents with teachers and parents. The school children presented poems, role plays and songs on the impact of FGM to the girls. The messages of the children really touched the participants and they promised to support the girls. Some of the messages of the girls included: 

“Give girls safe space.”

“ What a boy can do, a girl can do better. “

“Facilitate us to achieve our dreams. “

“Stop violence against girls.”

“Give girls equal opportunity as boys.”

One of the outstanding achievements of the day was that 13 Girls came up with a memo and they requested their parent’s to sign that they will not subject them to FGM and it was signed in front of the sub county commissioner and the other guests.


To take a stock on the achievements, challenges, lessons learnt in the struggle in the last 25 years and later forge way forward for Girls in Garissa County in terms of their social and education spheres.

To create awareness  to the parents on the impact of FGM to the girls

To give motivational talk and inspire young ladies in schools



Signed MOU between the parents and the 13 girls from Sankuri primary witnessed by the sub county commissioner.

Assurances from the stakeholders like the provincial administration to support the girls in the struggle against FGM

Sub-county commissioner assured the public that he will ensure that if he hears that a girl was cut somewhere the area chiefs have to take the responsibility and action will be taken against him or her.

Support from the religious and cultural leaders in the fight against FGM

Breaking of the silence. The community can now discuss the matter openly.