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National Women Steering Committee annual conference

18th December marked the National Women Steering Committee annual conference held at AACC Nairobi.The meeting attracted 150 women and 50 women from organizations that work with NWSC. This was organized by CRAWN TRUST headed by Daisy Amdany who is also the convener of NWSC. The following objectives formed the discussion


-Make a clear stand that the Gender principle must be adhered to in letter and spirit;

-Support devolution particularly in addressing the socio-economic rights;

--Safeguard the gender gains in the constitution. 

-Develop the 2016-2017 work-plan

The meeting began with remarks from Daisy Amdany on the activities of the year,challenges and successes.Most notably was the issue of funding to ensure the cause on pushing for equality receives facilitation.She proposed to look forward to having more donor round tables to diversify their funding systems.This was closely followed by a brief on the current situation on the legal and policy scene.It brought out the issue of the possible reduction of counties from 47 to 16, unfortunately further shrinking women's political space.This brought out strong messages of unity to forge the gender issue forward.

"We are the 1st tribe of this nation. Let our daughters not face the challenges we are facing now in the future."Marylnne Kamuru-NWSC member

In addition the issue of discrimination came out strongly pointing out that it mostly stems from, the political class,social and economic setting.However even with that said the greatest discrimination comes from the virtue of JUST been a woman.

"Women are discriminated upon not because of tribe and political parties but by the virtue of JUST been women" Daisy Amdany-Convener NWSC


THE WAY FOWARD(2016-2017).

-Civic education about the constitution and the political positions in place. 

-Aspiring female candidates should join the political parties of their choice to gain positioning.