ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.


  • ActionAid is actively responding to the drought disaster in Kenya through various quick interventions.

    In the last two weeks, the organization delivered food to 96,000 people, most of who are in the worst affected counties.

    The Government of Kenya declared the drought a national disaster in February and called on international support in order to deliver humanitarian services to 2.7 million people. ActionAid works in 10 out of the 15 most affected counties with an estimated population of 1.5 million people.

  • It has come to our attention that some individual/Organization is purporting to be recruiting accountants and clerks, vacancies that were posted on We want to warn the members of public that, this is an imposter and a con-artist out to swindle money from members of public. Kindly be notified that All ActionAid International Kenya vacancies are posted in our official website and can be accessed via

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  • Elizabeth Wakilo, former ActionAid Kenya Board Chair today did her official hand over to Paul Leringato, current AAK Board Chair. Elizabeth served as AAK Board Chair for 3 years her term coming to an end in August 2016. 

    File 35566From left:AAK Board chair-Paul Leringato, AAK Executive Director-Bijay Kumar and AAK former Board Chair -Elizabeth Wakilo

  • The growing frequency, unpredictability and complexity of emergencies mean that more and more people are being affected by crises, and the current international system is being stretched to its limit.  Research has found that partnerships with national and local organisations help to enhance the relevance, appropriateness, and accountability of humanitarian responses and ensure smoother transitions and better connectedness (Missed Opportunities: 2013) . However, for local actors to be able to deliver more effectively, take decisions and  provide strong  leadership,  much greater investment is required to create  and reinforce permanent local capacity to prepare for and, crucially, to respond to emergencies. 

  • 32 out of the 45+ countries in the ActionAid Federation have situations of violent conflict.  With the aim of identifying and expanding ActionAid’s knowledge and experience of accountability practices in situations of prolonged insurgency, ongoing war or foreign military occupation, 19 ActionAiders representing AAI programmes in Afghanistan, Arab Regional Initiative, Burundi, Denmark, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Sweden and IHART gathered in Amman, Jordan from April 19-22, 2016. This workshop was hosted by ActionAid Palestine with the support from International Platforms SO2 (Just and Democratic Governance) and SO4 (Resilience and Emergency).  

  • ActionAid Kenya, Head of Programmes Ms. Makena Mwobobia was among the panelists during the annual budget making process meeting of the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender affairs which was held on 9th March 2016 ahead of the 2017 budget making process

  • ActionAid Kenya (AAK) hosted a team from ActionAid UK (AAUK) from the 8th -15th February 2016

  • Kamuthe LRP marked the zero tolerance for FGM day on 6th February. For ActionAid, it’s a day that reminds us that girls all over the world have rights to a life of dignity. Promoting girls and women’ rights are part of our lives each day while contributing to the struggle and eventual attainment of women’s and girls’ rights in all spheres of life.

  • 30th February marked the Good Governance Festival held at Kibera grounds in Nairobi, Kenya.

  • 19th and 20th January 2016 marked the Tax Justice-Tax Power Campaign media training held at the Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi. The training drew 11 journalists from different leading local media houses in Kenya .

  • 18th December marked the National Women Steering Committee annual conference held at AACC Nairobi.The meeting attracted 150 women and 50 women from organizations that work with NWSC. This was organized by CRAWN TRUST headed by Daisy Amdany who is also the convener of NWSC. The following objectives formed the discussion


  • ActionAid Kenya in partnership with the Anti- Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Board under the state department of planning in the  Ministry of Devolution and Planning has organized a National Anti-FGM Forum which will be held in Embu County on 19th Nov 2015 in Kitololoni catholic mission in Makima.

  • Improving quality, accountability and people management: HAP and People In Aid merger concluding with the launch of the CHS Alliance.

  • Gunmen from a terrorist group stormed a university in Kenya on Thursday 2nd April, 2015. At least 152 people were killed in what is the worst attack on Kenyan soil since the United States of America Embassy bombing in 1998. HSM-Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack.

  • Nairobi, Kenya, ActionAid International Kenya (AAIK) launched the Ending Violence against Women and Girls in urban places programme. The programme which is funded by DFID is centered on ending all forms of violence and discrimination against girls and women and making cities safer places for all.  It will benefit close to 20,000 women and girls in Bangladesh, Kenya, Myanmar, and Zimbabwe. 

  • 8 October – Violence against children in or around schools must not be tolerated.

     An estimated 246 million girls and boys suffer from school-related violence every year. Girls and boys may be harassed and abused on their way to school and at school. Far from being a safe space for learning, in many countries around the world, school can be a place of danger, where children experience acts of bullying, corporal punishment, sexual or verbal harassment, non-consensual touching, rape and assault. 

  • African Union Finance Ministers Meeting, Abuja, Nigeria 25 – 30 March 2014


  • Kidero must resign and be prosecuted for assault against Honorable Rachel Shebesh
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