ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

ActionAid Kenya 2015 Annual Report


It is a great pleasure to share with you ActionAid Kenya’s programme achievements through this Annual Report. 2015 marked the first year of implementing the revised Country Strategic Plan 2015-2017 Making Our Rights Count. The report captures progress and a summary of key collective achievements towards realisation of the Strategic Plan. It also provides learning of how AAK is working with women and youth living in poverty and exclusion to eradicate poverty and injustice, reflecting upon key operational implementation of our revised Country Strategic Plan 2015-2017. 

The external environment continued to be very dynamic driven by high incidences of poverty, increasing inequality, low accountability among government institutions and weak participation by citizens especially those living in poverty and exclusion. These together are undermining provision of basic services to communities. Patriarchal systems and other cultural practices continued to perpetuate rights violations to women and girls. 

During the year, we achieved significant progress against our goals. We continued to build effective partnerships to deliver greater access to services and opportunities for the women and youth living in poverty and exclusion. We delivered a variety of programmes and projects that addressed gender inequality and had a significant impact on the empowerment of women and girls. 

Notable achievements were strong empowerment of communities with strong focus on impact in our work with women, implementation of relevant and responsive programmes and strong engagement with county governments. From the organisational development perspective, AAK developed and operationalised an Organisational Development Strategy, ensuring various policies and procedures were in place for increased efficiency and effectiveness. 

Internally, we adopted new ways of work, while strengthening current interventions and initiatives to achieve greater impact. These included: centrality of women living in poverty and exclusion, deepening accountability, mainstreaming resilience building and conflict sensitivity programming to reduce the impact of stress and shocks on the people living in poverty and exclusion. The year also saw the development of several accountability frameworks for retargeting to ensure that we reach and continue to work with the very constituents of communities/women/youth living in poverty and exclusion. AAK also led the federation in developing methodology and consolidating learning from our accountability practices. 

Budget cuts in financing experienced during the year forced AAK to rethink its business model and re-strategise. It also resulted in re-inventing itself, strengthening its work with partners to effectively and efficiently deliver results. ActionAid Kenya diversified the fundraising portfolio where much effort was put in Institutional Donor and High-Value fundraising with notable results. We face coming years with renewed urgency and commitment to truly realise social justice for all. 

We are most grateful to communities who have given us an opportunity to work with them. We thank our donors who have provided us with financial and material support to realise our objectives. We are also grateful to our stakeholders, supporters, partners, networks coalitions and our staff for their unwavering commitment throughout this past year to a shared vision of a world without poverty and injustices— needless to say without whom this work would not have been realised. 

We are grateful to our child sponsorship supporters and institutional donors who helped us in raising funds for implementing our programme activities. 

Last but not least, we acknowledge the effective oversight role that our General Assembly and National Board played in making ourselves accountable.


Bijay Kumar                                                                     Elizabeth Wakilo

AAK Executive Director                                                    AAK Board Chair