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ActionAid Nyarongi supports education

ActionAid International Kenya, Nyarongi LRP  launched the Quality Education and Community Empowerment project in Nyarongi Division .The launch at Sasi Primary School was attended by ActionAid Nyarongi LRP team , Members of 4 different School Management Committees(SMCs),Community Resources Persons(CRPs), representative from Ndhiwa Social Accountability Network  and finally, local administration members.

Many schools in Nyarongi division are poorly equipped and staffed to meet the needs of the young learners. In some of these schools, pupils of various sets of classes share the same classroom thus compromising the learning situation in the schools, this is per the Social Audit Report done on Education in Ndhiwa Sub- County by Ndhiwa Social Accountability Network.

The Quality Education and Community Empowerment project entails; the construction of three well equipped model class rooms at three primary schools in Nyarongi, Model ECD centers for the early child, fully equipped with multi colored tables and chairs with well-maintained children play ground. In addition, the project will be about the construction of four toilets and bathrooms, installation of a 25,000 litres water tank at Minya and the building of the children’s capacity, school management committees and parents (community) to demand for quality Education services delivery in Nyarongi division.

 The project is meant to achieve the following objectives;

 (1) To improve the learning environment for four Primary Schools in Nyarongi through refurbishing the school infrastructure and providing adequate water and sanitation facilities.

(2) To create a safer school environment for girls and contribute to a reduction of girls from primary school.

 (3) To develop the skills of the community to increase their participation in school management and enable them to advocate for increased investment and resources.

 Approximately 1,268 primary school children in Nyarongi Division will benefit directly through improved school infrastructure, with a particular focus on girls. It will also support 247 pre-school children through the development of an Early Child Development (ECD) centre in two schools. Other direct beneficiaries include 500 community members through door to door outreaches.

This project by ActionAid Kenya exemplifies the organisation’s continued effort to promote and sustain the right of access to quality education in the community in which they work in. The success of this project will see an increased enrolment, retention, performance and transition rates of children in our primary schools especially the girl child.