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Enhancing water access to drought affected communities


As rivers, water pans and other sources of water dry up due to the ongoing drought; women continue to walk longer distances to find water, distances which vary from 3kms to 8km, putting themselves at risk of sexual violence and other dangers as they travel far from home.

As a way of cushioning Kongelai community from water challenges, ActionAid commissioned Suam water project that will alleviate the pain of water shortage to more than 2500 community members’ who will benefit with clean water for domestic use.

The project will also reduce the pain of women walking for long distances in search of water in the drought hit county from 8kms to 2kms.

File 37309A beneficiary speaking during the project launch

ActionAid Kenya will facilitate KOMESI Women Network to take the management of the water project as a sustainability measure since they already have the structure in place. The current management committee will also be facilitated to conduct elections to revitalize kiosk-level management committees. The project has 7 water points.

File 37310Samson Michura speaking during the launch. Photo: Makena Mwobobia

The community will be supported to continue engaging and demanding from the county the support to protect and expand the project. 

ActionAid is responding to the drought emergency in the country in various ways that includes providing food to vulnerable families, rehabilitating water points to ensure communities have portable water as well as training communities to demand for accountability by government and other players during the emergency period.  

Community groups leading ActionAid’s emergency work are formed with people from a broad spectrum of the community including women and people with disability. The ‘people centered’ approach, ensures the voices of the most vulnerable are heard and responded to.