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Fatuma goes back to school

Fatuma Ahmed ,16 years, is back to school and now in class 2 at Warble primary school. 

This is after interventions from Kamuthe Local Rights Programme (LRP) . Fatuma lives in a family of eight with six siblings, 5 girls and 1 boy. In their community, education for girls is not valued and not considered as a priority.

 Fatuma’s younger brother (pictured) is in standard eight and waiting to sit for his KCPE exams this year and enthusiastic about joining secondary school .This is unfortunately not the case for his sisters who stay at home to do household chores and look after cattle and goats. Following several sensitization meetings for teachers, girls’ forum, religious leaders, cultural leaders and formation of a child protection-working group dubbed Kamuthe women network Fatuma and her parents have agreed to take her back to school and join class two where she left a decade ago. In The forums that were established as a result of the LRP interventions, girls talked and convinced Fatuma to go back to school.

 “I have always loved school and when the girl’s forum approached me, I was ready to go back.  I was afraid my father would not agree but it was a big relieve when the patron approached, Mama Halima, to go and talk to my parents. I am very happy to be back to school and I wish my father allows my other sisters to go to school too”. 

Mama Halima is one of the women’s child protection working groups ActionAid Kenya has trained and the group is championing back to school campaigns and working together with the Ministry of Education .

Currently, they are in process of ensuring , Ahmed, father to Fatuma, takes all the other girls to schools or action will be taken against him as per the law .