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I underwent FGM after giving birth

Christine got pregnant at 10 years of age. After the boy responsible abdicated responibility, her parents married her off to a 50 year old man.

“ I didn’t know my husband, he only came and talked with my parents, and they forced me to marry him. I didn’t like it but I did not have a choice. I got married to him as a third wife. Soon after, I began being ridiculed in the village because I had not undergone FGM.I was completely ostricised, noone would even allow me to milk the cows to get milk for my child, so I gave in and underwent FGM.

It was terrible and I bled severly. The women gave me goat's blood to drink thinking it would help me, but I survived," narrates Christine 

"I believe that inorder to fight FGM, girls need to go to school and complete their education. If they stay at home, they are likely to either be forced into FGM or give into peer pressure from other girls around the homesteads. 

Thanks to the awareness raised by KOMESI women's network and ActionAid in the area, men are more receptive of the idea of letting go of the culture of FGM. However, my husband as well as many men still look at their daughters as an economic resource and are not convinced that the girls will fetch much brideprice if married off without being mutilated. I am however optimistic that I will convince him to send our daughters to school and not force them to undergo FGM, " concludes Christine

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