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My sister should not undergo FGM

Edwin wants to save his four year old sister from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). The 14-year-old lives in West Pokot, a region of Kenya where an estimated 7 out of 10 girls undergo FGM. The school holidays mark the begining of the cutting season and Edwin worries that his neighbors and friends aged 10 to 12 years will undergo FGM, drop out of school and get married off. 

File 35839Edwin wants to End FGM in his community

"Most of my friends in our village are against FGM. I remember a time when we came together and we said if our parents or the neighbourhood would want perform FGM, we would report the issue to the authorities. The community were quite against our stand, but we stood together in this with my friends. Up to today, we still mobilise ourselves to speak out against FGM.

The reason why I do this is because I fear my four year old sister will undergo FGM when she reaches 10 years and be married off too early leading to a hard and complicated life. My older sister already went through FGM and early marriage, I rarely see her and she dropped out of school. I feel very bad because I know the complications that come with FGM and early marriage. However I know If my small sister can get into boarding school and complete her education, she can get married when she is ready and physically mature to have children, having completed her studies and shaped her future, " says a passionate Edwin

Edwin admits that it has been a difficult journey advocating against FGM in a community which upholds the FGM practice as a valued culture. However, he is determined to soldier on together with his friends, working with the area chief as well as the KONGELAI Women's Network to speak out on FGM and give his small sister a chance to escape FGM.

"When I am old enough and I want to marry, I will marry a girl who has not undergone FGM because I wouldn’t want to experience the challenges that come with FGM. I would love to have my children without complication and for my wife lead a good life,  " Concludes Edwin

You too can join in the fight to #endFGM. #helprescueourgirls from FGM by sending your donation to MPESA PAY BILL . 899610, ACCOUNT: ENDFGM. You can also click HERE to donate online.

Your kind donation will help build a rescue centre where the girls can seek safety and escape FGM.