ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

Through the restocking programme,LRPs supplies goats to the most vulnerable families as a shield from the constant hunger suffered by the individuals and also meant to create a safety-net from them in the future through the multiplication of the goats that were given to them.

Chepokaptul Katit from Mornyang'ai,Korosi location in Tangulbei,East Pokot,Kenya  received five local goats from ActionAid through restocking programme

 I quit drinking because of goats

she says

 “I was stressed since I had nothing to call my own, I resulted to heavy drinking and all I did was to wake up early in the morning and go to the drinking dens, and return home very late, but with the goats I cannot leave as I have to look for food to give them.” she adds

File 17219

 Katit with her goats

“ActionAid has really helped me uplift my life. They gave me 5 dairy goats but although two of them died from a disease I am sure that the other three will help me raise my children. I am hoping that when they start reproducing I will sell some of them and start farming,” she says

The money I will receive from selling the goats, even though it will take a while will help me start farming just around my house since ActionAid also took me through farming training, I will be in a position to provide for my family efficiently

She narrates

 Lina Chepchumurku (50)from a mother of 5, from Tangulbei recived 5 goats from ActioAid.

Lina Poses with her goats

“ActionAid gave me five goats; it was a relief for me as well as a lift in the social status. In pokot culture you do not talk to people if you own no animals as you are considered as poor, so I always kept by myself, but with the goats I can now relate to my society,” she says

Life was really hard, one time I went to somebody’s house to work for them but they did not have the money to pay, they in return gave me a chicken which fortunately for me, it hatched and I got three chicks which I never had

she adds.

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Lina gathering her goats

“Things are really looking up for me. I like having the goats because they will reproduce. I will sell them and have money to take my daughter to school, the money will also help me in buying my daily necessities, the milk I will get from the goats will take me a long way in providing for my family a nutritious meal,” she says

Jane Long'olekou a mother of six recieved 5 local goats from ActionAid,with no formal employment Jane says that the goats have helped her go a long way in feeding her children.

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 Jane Long'olekou

"I received the goats in 2011 from ActionAid,and now I have a total of 7 goats as we talk,two of the goats are pregnent and this means that in a few months I will be having many goats in my homestead," says Jane.

My children are now very happy because they get milk everyday before they go to school

adds Jane

File 17263

 Jane at her home

"I am hopeful that with the goats, I will sell some of the milk and will start farming in my one acre land because even the manure I will get from the goats," says Jane