ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

Empowering Women and Girls living in poverty and exclusion

Strategic Objective 1: Empowering 90,000 women and girls living in poverty and exclusion to challenge violence and gain political participation at all levels
We work to ensure that women and girls living in poverty are safer in both public and private spaces and to ensure women and girls from communities living in poverty and exclusion occupy leadership positions and participate in decision making.

Key Actions:

Strengthen capacity of 30 women groups to undertake analysis, draw actions and review outcome of actions (Reflection-action circles)

Mobilization and organization of 90,000 women and girls living in poverty and exclusion to challenge VAW/G

Strengthen alliances and 12 movements of women living in poverty and exclusion and linkages to County, National and International levels 

Strengthen anti-Female Genital Mutilation and girls education campaigns in LRPs

Strengthening community structures in 12 LRPs for protection and response mechanisms for VAW/G including in emergencies and political spheres both in urban and rural set-ups

Work with governments and communities to address and respond to VAW within HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support programmes

Strengthen capacity of women and girls to demand for delivery of sexual and reproductive health services 

Support women-led political and rights education for women political leadership targeting 1,800 women
Mentor, coach and link 300 women with political parties
Monitor and advocate for implementation of ‘no more than two thirds’ gender rule at County and National levels
Support public education and awareness creation for women leadership targeting at least 90,000 people directly
Build women leadership across the institution and all programme focus areas
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