ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

People for change

Our People for Change programme promotes and facilitates collective learning and action by global citizens.

People for Change: direct contacts of solidarity

The People for Change programme focuses on collective learning and action by global citizens from diverse countries and cultures. We see the express need of addressing local, national and global problems of poverty, inequity and insecurity.

By drawing on personal commitment, knowledge and skills, the programme builds the capacity of everyone to act and promote mutual understanding and solidarity with joint actions to solve identified problems, locally and globally.

We emphasise the value of direct contacts of solidarity – in the form of inspirators, advisors and global volunteers – in creating a better and more just world.

We facilitate the exchange and posting of people in the following categories:


Inspirators are cross-national placements of development experts and practitioners, who have the right experience and knowledge to empower and share experiences with local partner organisations within our focus areas.

Inspirator placements are between 3 to 9 months and focus on the practical development activities carried out by our partners.


Advisors are specialised professionals who have special competencies, experience and knowledge to advise and empower our partners and to strengthen the country programmes.

Inspirator Programme

Inspirators are development practitioners with considerable hands on experiences in development work.

Make a difference

Become an Inspirator

Inspirators are development practitioners with considerable hands on experiences in development work. They’re part of the People for Change programme administered by ActionAid International.

Our Inspirator programme facilitates a variety of personal and professional encounters by involving people from South countries with the aim of transferring specialized skills, exchange information and best practices to our partners within our Just and Democratic Governance theme globally.

Currently, we’re only accepting applications from candidates residing within the following countries in Africa: Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and Angola.

Who is an Inspirator?

Inspirators are development practitioners, who have valuable and relevant practical development work experience in the Global South within our areas of interest, with specific emphasis within the Just and Democratic Governance theme.

Inspirators are volunteers driven by solidarity and commitment to development issues and an interest to gain knowledge and international work experience.

They can be placed with both rural and capital based partner organisations and within various practical and technical fields. All placements support governance-related activities and outputs.

Placements last between three to nine months

Why become an Inspirator?

An Inspirator placement is a personal learning experience that offers a unique opportunity to gain international work experience and cross cultural exposure in other South countries.

The placements also offer an outstanding opportunity for networking and alliance building with like-minded organisations and other development practitioners.

How to apply?

Inspirators are selected from a database called the Inspirator Roster. The Inspirator Roster consists of screened and approved Inspirator candidates. Interested candidates can apply online at: 

All applicants who register will go through a validation process in order to be listed in the Inspirator Roster.

For more information on the Inspirator Programme, please visit:

Advisor Programme

Advisors are specialised professionals, who possess special competencies, experience and knowledge to advise and empower our partner organisations.


Advisors are specialised professionals, who possess special competencies, experience and knowledge to advise and empower our partner organisations and to strengthen the country programmes.

Advisors have an academic background, and can provide an outside perspective and support the implementation of the governance programmes in the South. They are typically placed as roving Advisors, supporting a number of partner organisations within a specific governance theme.

Advisors are internationally recruited and contracts can be up to three years with the possibility of extension.

MS ActionAid Denmark operates with two categories of Advisors:

Level 1 Advisors:

Highly experienced and specialised professionals with a considerable work background from similar positions in developing countries. Level 1 Advisors are typically programme based and work at a strategic and programmatic level

Level 2 Advisors:

Experienced and knowledgeable professionals with some experience from developing countries. Level 2 Advisors work either within a specific governance theme or within a strategic area such as organisational capacity building, gender, communication or similar. Level 2 Advisors provides direct support to individual partner organisations.

How to apply?

Advisor placements are advertised at  Applications should always include a letter of motivation and an updated CV. We do not receive unsolicited applications.

You can register at our website and receive up-dates via e-mail each time a new job is advertised.

Who can apply?

Advisor placements are International, which means that they are open for all nationalities, with permanent residency in other countries than the country of service, and/or candidates with temporary residency in the country of service.