Right now, greedy corporations are being helped by governments to grab land from communities around the world, taking thousands of hectares away from people that rely on their land to grow food and support their families. These companies want to make more money for them and their rich shareholders.

#LandFor Communities, not for grabbing

Across Africa, big companies are grabbing people’s land, leaving entire communities with no way of supporting themselves.

Listen to Mkomeni’s story of how he and his community are being pushed off their land in Tanzania, with no choice and insufficient support for starting a new life in another place:

In Africa, this rush for land is accelerated by the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition – the G8 countries’ main strategy for supporting agriculture in Africa that was launched in 2012. ActionAid’s new report – covering Nigeria, Malawi, Tanzania and Senegal – shows that the four African countries under review are offering vast areas of land to large-scale investors under their New Alliance commitments: collectively, this amounts to 1.8 million hectares of land. It also presents several land grabs cases of large companies involved in the New Alliance and argues that the initiative is further increasing the risk of rural communities losing their access to and control over land to large investors, largely through policy commitments on land titling and land reform. During the New Alliance meeting of 3 June 2015, a coalition of a hundred farmers organisations, social movements, unions and civil society groups around the world have released a statement calling on the G7 and African governments to stop supporting the New Alliance

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More and more land is being grabbed by companies around the world, destroying communities’ livelihoods and homes and putting the people that rely on their farmland under threat.

These ‘land heists’ are supported by deals struck between governments and the private sector, such as the G8’s New Alliance, that expand corporate access to land, water, labour, seeds and markets.

The media is largely ignoring this crisis and the shady deals that led to it, so it’s down to us to stand with communities everywhere to stop it.

Your government can and must take action by taking 4 vital steps to prevent land grabs.

  1. Prioritise the rights and needs of land users, especially women.
  2. Ensure the free, prior and informed consent of all communities affected by land transfers.
  3. Review public policies and projects that incentivise land grabbing, and instead support policies that prioritise the needs of small-scale food producers, particularly women.
  4. Regulate businesses involved in land deals so that they are fully accountable for respecting human rights.

Read our report Act On It: 4 Key Steps to Prevent Land Grabs to find out more about what your government can do and tell them to take action.

Show that you and people everywhere want #LandFor the communities, farmers and families that need it - not for greedy corporations to make a profit at people’s expense.

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Background to the campaign
  • In many countries, land is being taken away from women and communities by their own governments and leaders, in collaboration with big business. Often these deals are not acknowledged as land grabs, particularly by governments that use words like 'development' and 'progress' to whitewash their activities.
    Women gather fire wood, Senegal