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ActionAid Responds to Refugees in Liberia

Thursday, April 14, 2011 - 09:50

Political violence in the Ivory Coast has seen over 25,000 Ivorien refugees flee to neighbouring Liberia since November 2010, an estimated 70% of whom are women and children.  Whilst some refugees have settled in camps and school buildings, others have been taken in by friends or relatives, putting greater pressure on the often scant resources of host families. 

The key needs of the refugees are currently food, shelter, water, clothing, sanitation and medical support.  The International Emergencies and Conflict Team (IECT) has released £25,000 from the Strategic Crisis Programme to kick start our emergency response.  ActionAid Liberia and partners are responding to the crisis in Grand Gedeh County (a DA in the southeast) and Nimba County, where the majority of refugees have arrived.  

Prioritising the most vulnerable, including women, we are providing food packages and items such as mosquito nets, water purifiers and cooking utensils for 2,000 refugees (400 families).  We are also attending regular inter-agency meetings, facilitated by the UN, to ensure coordination and information sharing.