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Action Aid Launches Safe Cities for Women Campaign

On Wednesday May 20, Action Aid Liberia will launch the Safe Cities for Women Campaign. The campaign objective is to tackle the causes of violence against women in urban and public spaces and the relationship between poor or inadequate public services and violence against women in the city.

ActionAid is working with the Women NGO Secretariat of Liberia, ActionAid’s Activista and Women’s Forum and existing partners and structures that are currently that are undertaking related work, such as the work around safe cities, women’s rights and the right to city.

Action Aid Liberia work on the Safe Cities campaign has a focus on young female students and their safety and mobility. ActionAid’s recent Women and the City reports (1&2) shows that the number of women receiving higher (tertiary) education in Liberia is increasing gradually and the students are from diverse backgrounds, including poor urban and rural communities. These students with no economic status normally are denied access to opportunities like scholarships.  They also complained that transactional sex or “Sex for Grades” has been normalized where an instructor will sexually harass female students and go unpunished. Many female students often attend evening classes and face dangers travelling home at night.

As part of activities marking the day, ActionAid Liberia will be holding a safety walk to highlight risky spots around the capital city, Monrovia. At each spot, we will hear women’s perspective of the dangers and risks they face in the city.

Speeches will be made Hon. Gyude Moore (Minister, Ministry of Public Works), Hon. Morris Dukuly (Minister, Ministry of Internal Affairs), Senator Jewel Howard Taylor (Senior Senator, Bong County, and Hon. Joeseph Mayah (managing Director, Liberia Electricity Corporation) respectively.

According to ActionAid Liberia’s Country Director, Ms Korto R. Williams, the fight for women and girls in securing a safe learning environment must not be ignore by all.

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