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Youth and Urban Poverty

In Liberia "urban" is defined as settlements of 2,000 inhabitants and above. In this context it might be suggested that much of Liberia’s urban population is actually peri-urban, who, as in the rural areas, lack adequate access to basic services.

Less than 70% of Liberia’s youth have access to secondary or tertiary education or formal job training. Unemployment is high, particularly for male youth at 75% (15-24 years old), whilst this figure is lower for female youth it is still high at around 60%.

More than ¾ of Monrovia’s population is under 35 years old, compared to 61% for the population as a whole. As the rates of 15-34 year olds active in the labour force are lower in urban than in rural areas, a significant proportion of youth in Monrovia have no livelihood source of their own. Many were victims (predominantly, but not solely, female) and/or perpetrators (predominantly, but not solely, male) of violence during the conflict. Working with youth for the realisation of their economic and social rights is therefore both an issue of justice, as well as a cautionary measure.

  • According to Liberia’s 2008 census, close to 50% of the Liberian population is urban, while over 60% of the population is aged 35 years and below. The levels of poverty among the youths are high. Liberia is one of the fastest recovering countries in Africa however; the situation of young people remains dire and current circumstances of youth in Liberia portends serious threats to society if they are not addressed. Action Aid Liberia together with Compost Liberia are aiming at making a change for the youths in Liberia.