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Ode to the Malawian Mother

Wednesday, November 9, 2011 - 13:35

As dawn appears in the horizon

And no animal stirs but the rooster

Your day has begun 30 minutes ago

That load of firewood on your head too heavy

Child on you back wants your attention

Yet you manage a smile at that passing stranger


Like a sparrow that hovers even when broken,

Your spirit is unbreakable

He wants his bathing water now

The little ones have to have their breakfast

The fire needs tending to

Yet you manage a smile at that neighbor


The African sun beats down on you

As you make the fourth trip to that borehole

Child on your back wants your attention

Yet you still manage to sing that sweet song with a smile


You are unknown to the world

Your tears and pain unseen to your loved ones

They need their food before they sleep

Yet you still manage a smile in your sleep