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ActionAid Malawi formulates a Leadership Forum for the Global Fund Grant

Friday, September 7, 2018 - 09:56

File 40439ActionAid Executive Director, Grace Malera, speaking during the Leadership Forum

ActionAid Malawi in its capacity as the Principal Recipient for the non-biomedical component of the Joint TB/HIV Global Fund Grant has facilitated formation of a Leadership Forum in a leadership meeting that was held on 21st August, 2018, at Blue Waters in Salima.

According to the ActionAid Malawi     Executive Director, Grace Malera, the purpose of this forum is to enhance and improve collaboration, coordination and collective accountability, but also create a forum for sharing best practices as well as collective strategic oversight of the grant among implementing partners.

Mrs. Malera said experience from the last grant indicated a gap in coordination between some officers on the ground and their senior management, between SR and SSRs, and in other cases between SRs and stakeholders at national district and community level.

She said this led to a lot of challenges such as reoccurrence of audit queries, incomplete, poor and late reporting for both finance and programs, but also challenges with grant compliance

“We trust formation of this Leadership Forum will give space to organizational leaders involved in this grant to coordinate and make effective decisions that will support the programme’s aim of reducing HIV and TB related morbidity in Malawi,” she  explained.

“If all of us are committed to the proper management of the grant, then some of the challenges will be resolved. As such, it is important that we all take this forum seriously and avoid unnecessary delegation,” she continued.

File 40432Participants to the Leadership Forum

Malawi Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS (MANET Plus), is one of the SRs implementing Resilience and Sustainable Systems for Health (RSSH), one of the eight modules under the grant. According to MANET Plus Director, Lawrence Khonyongwa, formulation of the Leadership Forum will assist in   identifying and dealing with red flags in the value chain, from the Global Fund to the intended beneficiary in the community

“We believe MANET Plus will improve in its performance from the decisions made at this forum. At the end of it all, our   general expectation is that ActionAid Malawi should be rated A+ on its       performance by the Global Fund.

The Leadership forum is composed of Country Directors, National Directors and Executive Directors of organisations serving as Sub Recipients (SRs) and Sub Sub Recipients (SSRs) for the Joint TB/HIV Grant Programme. It will also have members from the Ministry of Health, National AIDS Commission and Country Management (CCM) in some of its meeting.