ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.


Our aim is to increase capacity of the poor and excluded, people‚Äôs organisations and civil society to dialogue, engage and take action on governance and macro socio-economic issues impacting on poverty. We make efforts to increase accountability, transparency and political and executive commitment of governing institutions to protect and fulfill the social and economic rights of citizens. 

AAIM participated in the hunger score card which took place in 50 countries, which was used for influencing MDG+10 summit to prioritize food.  At national level AAIM organised press conference and produced press release with the aim of reaching out millions of people.

The discussion on the legislation of the Food Security Bill is still going on from last year.  So far we have reached 10 media houses, 19 Members of Parliament and about 2 million Zodiac Broadcasting Station listeners with messages on the need for the Food Security Bill.

The fight against marriage age being raised from 15 to 16 years which started last year is still going on.