ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

Where we work

ActionAid works in 12 districts of Malawi directly and indirectly through partnership with local organisations.

The groups of poor and excluded people that ActionAid works with include women subsistence farmers, children, the youth, people living with AIDS and people with disabilities.

ActionAid’s development initiatives (DIs) also known as Local Rights Programmes (LPR) are spread in 12 districts located in the north, south and central regions.

In the northern region ActionAid works in Chitipa, Rumphi and Mzimba districts.

In the southern region, the organisation’s work covers Nsanje, Chiradzulu, Machinga, Phalombe and Neno district.

In the central region, ActionAid works in Lilongwe, Ntchisi, Dedza and Mchinji.

The peri-urban programme of Lilongwe focuses on urban poverty issues and HIV and AIDS.

In the other 11 districts, ActionAid supports partner organisations to implement programmes that empower poor people to meet their needs and challenge structural issues that cause poverty.

At the local level, ActionAid works with the most poor to secure their immediate needs and use this as a basis to influence public processes and decisions in their favour.

It does this by supporting poor people’s participation in public decisions and all public processes at the local level.

At the national level ActionAid supports other civil society actors to influence change in favour of the poor and excluded.

The organisation also seeks to broaden spaces for poor people and their organisations to participate in national public policies and processes.

  • Chiradzulu district is among the top 3 districts with high HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in the southern region of Malawi.
  • Chitipa Local Rights Programme located in the northern part of Malawi was established in 2005 to facilitate an environment that enables women and girls to claim and enjoy their rights.
  • Lilongwe Peri- urban LPR was established in 2002, under the name Chatata Urban Development area as the seventh area based development programme for ActionAid International Malawi.
  • AAIM started working in Machinga in 2005. As a child sponsorship focused organization, its activities in the district are wide through its advocacy work.
  • Mzimba district is one of the six districts in the northern region of Malawi. 
  • Neno district particularly in the area of T/A Dambe where ActionAid International Malawi works in this area which  experiences high levels of poverty manifested in poor access to social...
  • ActionAid Malawi initiated the Nsanje DI in 2005 to fight injustices and inequities that have left many Malawians particularly women and girls trapped in deeply entrenched poverty.
  • AAIM started working in Phalombe about 10 years ago. The area mainly focuses on women, People living with HIV/AIDS, orphans and other vulnerable groups. The area has interventions both at district...
  • Rumphi Local Rights Programme started its work in 2007 in Traditional Authority Chikulamayembe, mwankhunikira, Mwalweni, Mwamlowe, Jalavikuwa, Chisovya, Zolokere, Katumbi, Kachulu and Mwahenga.