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“My house crumbled into ruins and my dream to live in my house turned into a nightmare…”

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - 16:02

My name is Gopal Thapa. I am 42 years old and there are 4 members in my family including my wife, my two daughters and myself. I used to work for hotels in Shermanthan, in Sindhupalchok disttrict for some time before deciding to move back to the village here in Basang. I was about to complete the construction of my home and was planning to move in after performing some rituals. But I guess nature had its own plans. It was that Saturday afternoon while I was digging a canal around the house for a water outlet that the earth started to shake. When the earthquake hit, my house crumbled into ruins and my dream to live in my house turned into a nightmare.

I had spent about four hundred housand Nepali rupees to build the house that turned into rubble and was suddenly of no use. I used reclaimed material to build this temporary shelter. ActionAid Nepal gave us shelter kits; because I had some material from my house, I just took the shelter kit tools. The technical personnel deployed by ActionAid Nepal gave us guidance to construct the house. With this knowledge, I was able to build my house and even parts of the community that I live in.

The tremors were strong and lasted for a long time. During this time we couldn’t work in the fields to plant maize. The harvest could have played a crucial role in supporting our livelihood. But I guess this is what life is. I still look forward to my future. I hope it is not dark. We need to plant millet now. It has been hard, but we are grateful to have organizations like ActionAid Nepal to provide support.


Written By:

Bisesh Sangat, ActionAid Nepal