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The change in me from the WFS

Friday, December 9, 2016 - 16:34

My name is Sita Sunari and I live in Kalyantaar, Padampokhari-13. We are very near to the headquarter yet very far from quality services in education, transportation, health and employment. I was married at the age of 21 and I am currently 28 years old. I live in a joint family with my husband, in law and my children. Agriculture and poultry are our sources of income.

I was lucky enough that my parents provided me the opportunity to study up to grade 10 despite of me being a daughter. This provided me confidence and provided me opened opportunities to be involved in social activities, school programmes, street drams and child clubs. Through participation in different activities I was motivated to volunteer and I thought of becoming an army to serve my Nation.

My husband was supportive which helped me continue with my volunteering. After the earthquake of April 25th, AAN and Makwanpur Mahila Samuha established a Women Friendly Space(WFS) WFS in our locality. I started participating in the discussions and the discussions there has contributed to lead change in women and in the community. It was a good opportunity to recognize and understand the women in my communities too. With discussions on various topics, we have been able to develop the confidence to deal with various incidents in the community. We also identified that the local resources could be used for local prosperity.

I always enjoyed volunteering but being an active participant in the WFS and the learnings shared helped me realize the capability within myself to lead the Women Rights Forum(WRF) as a ward president and be a district level member. The confidence was backed by the different vocational and capacity development trainings, regular discussions and information of different organizations provided from the WFS.

“As it is said if you want to reach a goal you need someone’s support, I am here because of my supportive family.”

“Self Confidence and the right path have led my struggle and hard work to a place where I made myself recognized. If given opportunity women can make their own identity.”

Change in community is not an individual work, it requires unity. Most of the women from Padampokhari have received opportunities to work through WRF and WFS. People of Kalyantaar are now able to talk of increasing violence and advocate for the justice to women. Last year while working as secretary in Cooperative and Forest Committee, we managed to get the budget of around NPR 150000 for construction of road.

When working in these various community services people look at me in a positive way which has given me more strength and courage to work. Internalizing volunteerism I am moving forward to work more with all the women and WRF to bring change in community.