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Access to Land and Natural Resources and Policy Advocacy

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - 12:38

Considering the entitlement of land as a source of power to live with dignity, AAN has worked to ensure landless, poor and marginalized people’s access to and control over it. The ongoing single/joint land ownership campaign, for instance is one of them. The year 2017 observed 347 women successful to receive either single or joint land ownership.

In the first half of 2018, 761 landless people of Susta and Pratappur Rural Municipality were able to receive land ownership certificates with the coordination of local Land Rights Forum. Similarly, 17 households of Dalit community in Lahan Municipality were able to secure their shelter rights and in Doti, 24 households of landless people submitted demand letter to the province’s chief minister for acquiring home and land under ‘Janata Aawas Karyakram’.  

Registration in District Agriculture Development Office (DADO) and coordination with it has helped the farmers to receive its facilities and subsidy. After being oriented about DADO's provisions, small holder farmers have now started claiming them and DADO has also provided grants for different agricultural seeds and tools. For instance in Palpa, DADO had supported maize seeds to 176 farmers of the working area to develop it as a maize pocket zone. The farmers have planted it on 360 ropani of land. The maize market has high scope in local market of the district so, the farmers are expected to earn a good profit out of it.

In terms of policy advocacy, AAN has been continuously supporting the landless, marginal farmers and their networks to establish and strengthen their issues and agendas in the government plan and programmes. Contributed by this, Ministry of Agriculture, Land Management and Cooperative has finalized the Land Act, which addresses the key issues of Joint Land Ownership, land to landless, right over public land for strengthening livelihood of the landless, Kamaiya and Haliya Rehabilitation etc. Similarly, AAN has also been working for the implementation of fundamental constitutional provision of right to food sovereignty.