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Empowerment and democracy – Maintaining the role of NSAs in local governance and accountability (DCI-NSAPVD/2013/335-585)

Empowerment and democracy – Maintaining the role of NSAs in local governance and accountability, project funded by EU Delegation to Nepal is being implemented in two districts of Nepal, namely Baitadi and Palpa. The project aims to reach at least 15760 families in 153 administrative wards of 17 Village Development Committees(VDCs) and 6 wards of 1 municipality in these two districts. The project aims to enable target beneficiaries to know and access their entitlements on the range of government schemes and local services available at VDC and municipality level (health, education, agricultural support services etc.).


Start date: 1 March 2014

Total budget: €663,612

Objectives of the project

Overall objective:

To consolidate the functioning, inclusion and representation of civil society and local authorities in strengthening accountability and budgeting systems as a necessary condition for a more equitable and democratic Nepali society

Specific objective:

The target communities, two local NSAs and two sets of Local Authority officials in Baitadi and Palpa have oversight of local budgeting, expenditure and funding for agree community projects.

Expected Results of the project

  • Constraints to community participation removed and 180 wards have the skills to monitor LA budget processes and present self-identified and prioritised needs to VDC meetings for evaluation and funding
  • Technical and managerial capacity of WWA and BCDO developed to facilitate, advise and monitor local government engagements on accountability in development decision-making.
  • Participation of LA officials with target communities, local NGOs and central government for the evaluation, funding and monitoring of agreed projects as appraised in local development processes
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This project is funded by File 36224