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Disaster Risk Reduction

Strengthen resilience against disasters

The country faces huge risks from climate change and natural disasters. The brunt is borne invariably by women, children and people living in poverty and exclusion. The recent earthquake and floods illustrate our weakened resilience and poor response thereafter. There is a need to build resilience of the communities in a comprehensive manner, breaking the cycle of poverty which perpetuates their vulnerability. Various researches and studies have shown that women are the first respondents during humanitarian crisis, but their capacities and contributions have always been overlooked.

Disasters have repeatedly affected schools and children, making education difficult. Specifically, these disasters reduce overall educational achievement by damaging school infrastructure, disrupting academic calendars and forcing children to drop out. Therefore, schools need appropriate disaster preparedness to reduce vulnerability and ensure children’ access to safer education environment.

We will focus our works to lessen the impact of disasters and build resilience of communities and schools by strengthening local capacity and enhancing women-led humanitarian response.

Strengthening local capacity to reduce the risk of disaster and the impact of climate change

  • Enhance absorptive, adaptive and transformative capacity of disaster and climate vulnerable community against multiple hazards
  • Promote environment friendly disaster prevention and mitigation measures to minimise loss and damage from shocks and hazards
  • Engage with local government to mainstream Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation into the development plan and programme of government and development institutions
  • Advance the agenda of ecological justice linking to grassroots movement to policy makers

 Enhancing effective humanitarian response led by women

  • Strengthen women leadership in emergencies and instigate/promote women-led humanitarian responses
  • Promote community leadership and inclusiveness in recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction
  • Promote power shifting to local actors to enhance higher level of accountability towards disaster-affected community

 Promoting safe school standards through disaster prevention and mitigation measures

  • Promote and mainstream school safety measures into school development plans and connect to community-based disaster risk management initiatives
  • Build capacity of stakeholders, especially students and teachers on evacuation, first-aid and crisis management caused by shocks and hazards
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