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Right to Education

Advance quality public education as basic rights for all children

The constitution acknowledges education as a fundamental right. However, the education sector has received inadequate focus and resources from the government. The public education system as a basic public service has undergone crisis due to the lack of quality education. Though the average school enrolment is satisfactory, challenges remain on achieving equity in access and identifying the most marginalised groups of students.

Our work will focus on eliminating the crisis in providing quality education, ensuring child rights in school, and also ensure that the government investment on education is increased and prioritised.

Improving school governance to promote rights in school

  • Strengthen collaborative actions with primary stakeholders of education to promote education rights in public schools
  • Ensure increased learning outcome and retention of girls and boys by improving learning environment
  • Promote child participation by creating a space in education system through child clubs and agencies to act on child rights and quality education environment in schools and communities

Increasing tax base public financing to strengthen public education system

  • Enhance awareness on tax justice and tax base public financing in education and advocate adequate investment in education as basic public service
  • Engage with local and provincial governments in policy works for improved financing, curriculum and pedagogies
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