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Resilient Livelihood

Promote sustainable economic alternatives for resilient livelihood

Agriculture is one of the major sectors of Nepal’s economy and despite being a major contributor to the nation’s GDP, it is still lagging behind in achieving the anticipated growth, as it continues to depend heavily on the rain-fed farming and is subsistence in nature. This sector suffers from circular effect of migration with agricultural programmes and policies continuing to be biased towards large holder businesses, which result in exclusion of smallholder farmers. There is a need to defend the subsequent landlessness and food insecurity.

Our focus is to advance people’s propositions for land rights, responsible tenure governance and agrarian and policy reforms. Our work will focus on economic empowerment of people living in poverty and exclusion by promoting sustainable agriculture practices and facilitating off-farm economic alternatives that also break the gender stereotype in work division. The sustainable agriculture practice respects and maintains the ecological integrity, thereby upholding the ecological justice for people dependent on natural resources.

Strengthening agro-ecological and climate resilient sustainable agriculture

  • Research to develop deeper understanding of how the structure of land ownership and agriculture enterprise has changed and develop programmes to respond the changes
  • Strengthen active agency of landless and smallholder farmers to protect their land rights, food sovereignty (agrarian reform) and enhance productivity
  • Strengthen capacity of communities to protect, claim and own public commons from expropriation or pollution in both rural and urban areas
  • Promote agro-ecological practices, and influence public policies and resources focused on women and smallholder farmers

 Promoting women and youth entrepreneurship

  • Promote rural agro-enterprises for landless people by imparting marketable knowledge and skills, increasing their participation in decision-making process and improving their access to finance and market
  • Promote off-farm enterprises by integrating smallholder farmers, youths and women into competitive value chains for boosting resilient livelihood 
  • Promote gender-sensitive market system to encourage women farmers and entrepreneurs for their economic uplift
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