ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

Just and Democratic Governance

We have identified unjust governance at all levels (international, national and non-state actors) both as a cause and effect of poverty and conflict.

We therefore intend to engage with state, non-state and intergovernmental actors at different levels to establish a more pro-poor, rights-centric, and equity-based governance.

We consider participation, transparency, accountability and rule of law as key aspects of just and democratic governance, upholding which it is possible to address poverty and denial of human rights.

Hence our focus will be to promote the meaningful participation of women and excluded groups in institutions and mechanisms of governance; democratise and deepen the accountability of state, corporate sector, multilateral institutions and civil society at various levels; advocate for pro-poor policies and laws and appropriate mechanisms that guarantee an effective delivery of rights and services; and to promote citizens' scrutiny of violations of human rights and distributive systems.

Since the country is gearing towards a major restructuring and writing its constitution through the Constituent Assembly for the first time in history, this provides for an opening to influence the state to establish systems and processes that result in just and democratic governance.

This requires special efforts in supporting and critically engaging in constitution making and state restructuring processes.

Combating poverty and injustice would be incomplete without addressing the issues of governance at supra-national and international levels, from where many issues contributing to unjust governance trickle down.

We would, hence, focus on holding international actors such as the World Bank, IMF and WTO accountable primarily concentrating on issues of policy conditionalities that are frequently imposed on our government.

Fitting within the same framework is a close and evidence-based scrutiny of funds allocation of donors alongside the local and national governments.

Key Actions

  • Work with members of Constituent Assembly and concerned committees of the Constituent Assembly to establish proper institutions and mechanisms for just and democratic governance
  • Support civil society organisations and social movements to monitor state's delivery of basic rights of people, especially around three foundation themes identified by AAN
  • Democratise works on Economic Literacy and Budget Accountability for Governance in order to build the capacity of poor and excluded groups and seek public accountability
  • Advocate and promote transparency, accountability, social inclusion and rule of law at all levels in the government, civil society and international institutions
  • Campaign and advocate for the establishment of sustainable peace and justice
  • Advocate and support campaigns for just trade, pro-poor aid policies and aid effectiveness