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Right to Health

Mapping context of the rights holder's access

The context mapping of the working area will be analysed based on the existing health service situation, available health facilities and resources.

Information sharing and sensitization

Information regarding government's health policies and facilities needs to be widely disseminated to the right holders. The outputs of the context mapping on the existing health service situation of their areas also need to be shared and discussed among the right holders.

The activities will concentrate on facilitating rights holders to claim the service, facilities and rights provided by government and build awareness and capacity on accessing and creating these facilities.

Capacity Building of PNGO staff members

Efforts will be made to build the capacity of PNGOs' staff members. Influencing the Health policy Advocacy and engagement with RHs and Community organisations for required policy mapping, analysis, research, influencing and implementation and also to establish rights to health as fundamental rights will continue. 

Discussion and experiences sharing at the central level on periodic basis will be conducted.

Engaging in health governance (civic education)

Activities will be focused on improving governance in the health sector through critical and supportive engagement with health related local authorities.

Civic education program will additionally help in creating a better collaborative relationship between the right holders and health local authorities by working together on improving local health services. Solidarity with civil society networks and institutions to facilitate the rights holders to claim their rights will continue.

Right holders will also be supported to claim and mobilize the VDC as well other government funds on health.

Formation of an Advisory Committee 

In order to initiate national discourse on health related issues in the federal structure of the state, the quality of health service, participation of stakeholders in decision-making process and to give alternatives and insights to health related issues that emerge all of a sudden, AA Nepal will support the formation of a Advisory Committee.