ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

Women's Rights

Advance feminist leadership and women agency to defeat violence against women and girls and gender-based inequalities 

Deep-rooted patriarchal mindset, cultures, belief systems and traditions perpetuate gender-based inequality and violence against women and girls. These practices do not acknowledge sexual and reproductive health rights of women, restricting autonomy and self-determination over own bodies. Women are kept away from decision-making processes and their care works at home barely recognised; their representation is mere tokenism and the extent of policy gain is undermined by weak implementation.

Our work will focus on strengthening women’s empowerment, improving safety and security of women and girls, and advancing women’s productive roles.

Strengthening women agencies and feminist leadership

  • Engage with and enhance capacity of the newly elected women in local and regional elected bodies

  • Ensure Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights to uphold bodily integrity of women

  • Intensify our work in building deeper understanding and critical masses for advancing women rights for their greater participation

  • Further work towards strengthening coalitions, alliances and networks of feminist organisations and movements    
  • Engage men and boys in developing their feminist perspectives as well as fighting for rights of women in both public and private spheres

 Strengthening safety, security, and dignity of women and girls

  • Constructively engage with federal, provincial and local government to strengthen protection mechanism for ensuring safety, security and dignity of women and girls affected by various forms of violence
  • Engage with civic alliances, active agencies, feminist leaders and stakeholders to advance the culture of safety and security of women and girls
  • Develop deeper ideas and strategy and implement programmes to propose, promote and demand gender responsive public services with the focus on women and girls


Advancing women’s productive roles and addressing burden of care work

  • Advance model building initiatives to recognise, reduce and redistribute women’s burden of care work
  • Engage with local, provincial and federal governments for policy formation to address Unpaid Care Work
  • Promote women’s productive roles ensuring occupational health safety and equal wage for equal work
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