ActionAid pledges new Action for Global Justice

Global justice is to be at the heart of ActionAid’s work for the next ten years, says the organisation’s new international strategy, published today. The ten year strategy - Action for Global Justice - also commits ActionAid to a stronger focus on working with local communities and tackling inequality.

ActionAid international chief executive Adriano Campolina said:

“ActionAid will become even closer to the people we work with, involving them more in what we do. We will work closely with other groups that share our values and vision for a just world.

“Building on our history of successful and groundbreaking local programmes, ActionAid will connect the people, partners and communities with whom we work with broader people’s organisations and social movements.

“Our mission is to achieve social justice, gender equality, and poverty eradication by working with people living in poverty and exclusion, their communities, people’s organisations, social movements and supporters harnessing the Power in People.”

Under the new strategy, ActionAid will become more agile and innovative, with more devolved decision making and greater participation by the people with whom ActionAid works.

ActionAid will Invest in digital transformation to revolutionise ways of working, and use digital communications to strengthen the direct connections between supporters and the people with whom ActionAid works and to further connect people to take action together.

ActionAid will also accelerate its ground breaking internationalisation journey - that saw it become the first international charity to move its headquarters to a developing country when it moved its leadership team to South Africa in 2003 -  so that each ActionAid member becomes a strong and independent player in its own country, coming together as equals in an international federation.


Editors' notes

The new strategy is available at

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