ActionAid Uganda bank accounts unfrozen after court petition

ActionAid International is pleased to announce that the bank accounts of our affiliate member, ActionAid Uganda, have been unfrozen following a petition to the country’s courts and subsequent discussions with the authorities.

As a result of these developments, ActionAid Uganda is withdrawing its suit against the government, which froze the organisation’s accounts in early October following a police raid on 20 September.

“The outcome reaffirms what we have said from the start: there was no justifiable basis for the raid on our office or the subsequent order to freeze our bank accounts,” said AA Uganda Country Director Arthur Larok. “We are overjoyed that we can now turn our full energies back to ending poverty and injustice in the country we love. The unwavering support we received from our staff, donors and members of the public during this crisis is a real vote of confidence in our mission and inspires us to work harder than ever for a better Uganda."

“We congratulate AA Uganda’s management and Board for their courageous and pragmatic leadership during this crisis, and also thank the authorities for entering into constructive dialogue on the basis of the facts we presented to them,” said Adriano Campolina, Secretary General of ActionAid International. “In a year that saw unprecedented repression of civil society in many countries around the world, this is a good news story that should inspire all of us to redouble our efforts in defence of civic space.”