ActionAid USA appoints Marie Brill as Executive Director

Washington D.C. – ActionAid USA is pleased to announce the appointment of Marie Brill to Executive Director effective March 5, 2013.

“Brill has exhibited the leadership, passion and vision to take ActionAid USA to the next essential level - working with over 40 ActionAid federation members and country programs - to eradicate global poverty,” said Board Chair Luis Guardia. Brill has over fifteen years of experience in the international development and social policy fields, and she spent 12 years living in developing nations.

She previously served as a Senior Policy Analyst, Director of Policy and Campaigns and Interim Executive Director at ActionAid USA since joining the staff in 2010. In that time, among Brill’s accomplishments include successfully advocating for an end to federal subsidies for biofuels, whose demand exacerbates food price volatility and the launch of new President for a Day website, demonstrating the link between agriculture, energy, and environment policies.

Brill is a regular media source on global hunger policy, poverty alleviation and international economics, and she has been interviewed by outlets including the Financial Times, Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times and has appeared on CNN International, BBC, Voice of America and other news networks.

Prior to ActionAid, Brill served as the Deputy Director of Africa Action, the oldest human rights organization in the U.S. focused exclusively on Africa. She served as the Executive Director of the Jubilee USA Network, an organization of 50 religious denominations, development and human rights organizations seeking the cancellation of impoverished country debt, and a Co-Director of Quest for Peace at the Quixote Center where she supported grassroots development work in Nicaragua and domestic and international advocacy efforts for economic justice.


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