Fiji must provide courageous leadership in climate talks says ActionAid

As a new round of climate negotiations gear up to start in Bonn next week, all eyes are on the small island state of Fiji, the official President of the negotiations for COP 23.

Harjeet Singh, global lead on climate change for ActionAid says,
“This is the first time that a highly vulnerable small island state will preside over climate negotiations. This conference presents a poignant moment, and a powerful opportunity for change.
“Fiji has a moral responsibility to make sure that the interests of vulnerable nations are represented, and that this climate conference is remembered for taking sides with the most impacted people.
“It’s a scandal that while the system provides international finance to help countries mitigate and adapt to climate change, there is still nothing for those coping with loss & damage from climate impacts. Essentially, to those that have lost everything, the UN is saying ‘Sorry guys, you’re on your own.’
“A key part of Fiji’s role will be to ensure that the new ‘rulebook’ for implementing the Paris Agreement really does deliver meaningful climate action. But they must also provide courageous leadership to make vulnerable people safe from the impacts of climate change.”