Internal Minstry Council on Migratory Crisis: In Innsbruck, another step to the demolition of rights - the EU is responsible for the record of shipwrecks and deaths at sea

ActionAid supports the Welcoming Europe campaign - For a Europe that welcomes:

The European Interior Ministers who are meeting today in Innsbruck should ensure full respect for human rights, international agreements and treaties of the European Union. However at Innsbruck, as in the previous EU Council of 28-29 June, a siege mentality and vision based on the "defense of borders" are prevailing. In the meantime European decisions to block humanitarian aid at sea have resulted in a record number of shipwrecks in the last 4 weeks.

There is little prospect for a Europe of solidarity with shared solutions to come out of Innsbruck: the Italian Government, together with the other Member States, aligns itself with the violation of the principle of non-refoulement: a principle that jeopardizes the lives of migrant people, but also the democratic structure of the European Union.

As evidenced by the EU Council conclusions of June 29, there is a deeply altered decision-making mechanism that is eroding the foundations of the European Union, its founding principles and the very foundations of our democracy. This is also due to a disconnect between the legislative process and political decisions.

ActionAid is one of the promoters of Welcoming Europe, a European campaign for a European citizens' initiative, which is an instrument of participatory democracy through which it asks, reaffirming the relief obligation, to stop the criminalization of solidarity and humanitarian aid; to create complementary and additional input channels compared to resettlement programs; to strengthen the mechanisms of protection and denunciation for the abuses suffered at the border. The Commission is also called on to bring new legislation to complete the introduction of access channels for work at the European level, fill the gaps in the EU legal framework on legal migration and regulate the sectors concerning workers.