Sierra Leone Mudslides and Flooding Public Statement

More than 300 people have been killed in mudslides and flooding near Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown, following heavy rains.

ActionAid’s Humanitarian Director Richard Miller says:

“ActionAid is planning an immediate humanitarian response in the worst-hit areas.

“Thousands of people’s homes have been swept away and their livelihoods and crops destroyed. While search and rescue is still on-going, there are currently over 1,500 people reported missing and this number is expected to rise.

“Our local aid workers in Sierra Leone are telling us that they are especially concerned for the welfare and safety of girls and women, who are the most vulnerable at this time.  Many children have been made homeless and are in immediate need of shelter and protection. 

“There is a strong likelihood of the situation getting worse, as there are signs of continuing rainfall and hanging debris from the mud slide.

“The government of Sierra Leone is coordinating the aid effort and we are working closely with them and other aid agencies to reach people in need as quickly and effectively as possible.”

Editors' notes

Currently the Flooding and mudslide affected settlements in Regent are – Mount Sugar Loaf-Motomeh, New England, Kanigo-Sheriff Town, Kulvert – Kissy, Juba, Dwarzak, Water street- Wellington, Kamayama, Pentagon, Mountain Cut, Alpha Wurie Drive, Congo Town Bridg, Susan’s Bay, Charles Street, Campbell Street, Samba Gutter, Kroo Bay, Pike Street Bridge, Bai Bureh Road, Calaba Town in the Western Area of Freetown.

The destruction is especially high in the following areas: Regent – Mount Sugar Loaf; Kanigo-Sheriff Drive; Juba; Kamayama; Pentagon; Mountain Cut; Alpha Wurie Drive; Congo Town Bridge.