Statement from ActionAid following the One Planet Summit in Paris

On the second anniversary of the Paris Agreement on climate change, government and business leaders are meeting in Paris for the One Planet Summit, convened by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Harjeet Singh, Global global lead on climate change for ActionAid International said:

"On the second anniversary of the Paris Agreement, President Macron has successfully attracted a who’s who of world and business leaders. The World Bank’s announcement on shifting investments away from fossil fuels marks an important step towards a greener global economy.

“Many leaders put the spotlight on climate impacts and strategies to cope, and plenty of sympathy was expressed for the countries suffering from extreme climate events. Unfortunately, sympathy doesn’t cover costs for vulnerable communities overwhelmed with climate impacts.

“The world needs major mobilisations of public finance to cope with the scale of the challenge.

“President Macron had raised expectations that he would make a concrete announcement of more public finance to help poor countries deal with climate impacts and to scale up climate action.

“Instead, business took centre stage, while announcements of public finance were disappointingly scarce. Sadly, most of the leaders at the One Planet Summit seem to have forgotten that public financing is necessary for people to protect their safety and food security from climate impacts. While action by businesses is needed, governments need reminding that they can’t fix climate change by giving up their responsibilities and letting business dictate the entire climate agenda.

“The notable exception was the announcement of £140 million from the UK government, to help poor communities suffering from climate impacts. Theresa May sent an important message to world leaders, that rich countries must recognise their responsibility to provide public finance to help vulnerable countries to deal with climate impacts.  

“This year’s devastating series of extreme climate events around the world means that many vulnerable communities have been overwhelmed with climate impacts. Women and girls are particularly affected by the displacement, hunger and poverty caused by climate change. It is now time for world leaders to go beyond rhetoric and to take urgent action.”


Editors' notes

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