World's hottest year- report from UN confirms need for the world to take urgent action on climate

Responding to today’s shocking news from the WMO,   ActionAid climate change policy expert Teresa Anderson said:

 “On the day that the World Meteorological Organization has confirmed that 2016 is set to be the hottest year on record, it is shocking the world has been largely silent on one of the biggest-ever global climate emergencies. This year over 400 million people were affected by the strongest ever “El Niño” weather event, causing droughts around the world.

 “Today’s news and the impact of the El Nino confirm the need for the world to take urgent action on climate change.”

 “This year the world may be experiencing the largest global drought since records began.  Southern Africa, Ethiopia, Brazil and Vietnam have suffered their worst droughts in decades, and many countries have declared national emergencies”

 “Women and children are being hit hardest. Women are missing meals and are walking hours every day to find water. Girls are dropping out of school, and child marriages are on the rise. In some countries, women are resorting to sex work to feed their families.

 And yet in spite of the huge scale of the drought, the world has remained largely silent on the crisis. Countries and humanitarian agencies face a funding gap of $3.1 billion to meet the needs of those that are still affected. Governments that promised climate compassion in Paris have apparently turned their backs on an actual global climate crisis.”