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Girls need inspirators and mentors

Thursday, March 8, 2012 - 00:30

As we celebrate this year's International Women's Day ActionAid Nigeria's Women's Rights Programme Manager, Patience Ekeoba reflects on why it is so important to be an inpiration to girls.

On March 8 the whole world will be commemorating the now very popular International Women’s Day (IWD). This year making its 101th year and with a theme dedicated to girls-Connecting Girls and Inspiring the Future.

As I reflected on the theme and the characteristics of the age in focus, these few features came to my mind:

A state when the near baby brain is trapped in an adult body causing regular mood springs An age when the body biology and chemistry sends the brain on constant abstract travel to Fantasy IslandA period of high demand for self assertion and independenceA period of fear and insecurity, obscured by resistance and oppositionsAn age characterised by restiveness and quest for adventure and discovery

An age.... As I pondered over the very unique and interesting pattern of thought and actions of this stage of life coupled with my own life experience and drama of girlhood, I could not but agree more that inspiration and mentorship is necessary for ensuring a smooth and successful transition from girlhood to adulthood because…

Every girl needs an inspirator and a mentor to hold up her hands and lead her through the stormy sea of girlhood

Every girl needs an inspirator and mentor to help discover and nurture the raw and latent treasure within her

Every girl needs the positive affirmative and assurance of an inspirator and mentor to build and strengthen her self confidence and esteem

Every girl needs the safe hands of an inspirator and mentor to garner trust and explore the opportunities of the world

Every girl needs an inspirator and mentor to mobilise, organise and channel her energy, passion to productive and fulfilling venture

Every girl needs an inspirator and mentor to climb the ladders of life to the top

Every girl needs the listening ears and empathy of an inspirator and mentor to share and learn the act of living.

I want to go and on but I want to pause to allow you to travel this road with me in identifying and deciding how you and I can connect and inspire the next girl close to us because inspiration and mentoring in the right direction, in my view is that bridge that every girl needs to successfully cross the turbulent sea of girlhood to womanhood.