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We are victims of the Herdsmen clash with farmers

Sunday, March 25, 2018 - 23:09

The herdsmen farmers clash in Udei Community, Benue State has made Shator John and his family homeless. He is ill yet must fend for thirteen children.

“We were hearing gun shots so we ran. We all initially went to Daudu camp, but because the space was not enough, I had to divide my family into two. The first wife is with her children there and I am here with my second wife and children”.

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I am the sole provider for my family, my major challenge is my health, I have been having cough and catarrh but when I go to the clinic the lines are always too long and I can’t stand for long because of my frequent urination disease and swollen legs”.

Before we ran, the cows will come and eat our crops and we watch them and not be able to do anything. Most times I feel helpless as I watch the cows destroy my cassava and guinea corn farm”.

Odianosen Iseyare
Human Security in Conflicts and Emergency