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Right to Human Security in Conflict and Emergencies

The Human Security in Conflict and Emergencies supported by DFID and ActionAid International uses Community Based Approach to Conflict Transformation and Peace Building to address the issues of build up of tension and eruption of violent conflicts across Nigeria. 

The goal of this theme is to facilitate the evolution of participatory community based institutions for conflict transformation and peace building in places where the tempo of violent outbursts has risen to intolerable heights.

These include the Niger Delta oil basin, and the cultural middle belt. Our intervention in recent times also include works on reduction of electoral violence.

We also hope to build capacity at community, civil society and state level for participatory approaches to conflict analysis/response, focusing on prevention, transformation and peace building and enhance communities’ and civil society’s resilience to conflicts and emergencies, through promoting local and participatory coping, mitigating and recovery mechanisms.