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36 years old   Ms. Seema Mosawi is a flamboyant leader of the Community Based Disaster Management that was formed under the SRACAD project in Koshakak village in Yakawalang district of...

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File 40711Young Journalist Media Fellowship 2018


The potential of the youth remains untapped due to the lack of a holistic planning and budgeting of resources to address quality of education, technical and vocational training programmes that facilitate economic opportunities and livelihoods. Available economic and entrepreneurship opportunities fall short in reaching the most vulnerable, especially young women and men.

Young people especially young women living in poverty, due to prevailing patriarchal and hierarchical sociocultural norms, are excluded from spaces of political influence and power. These invisible forces are coupled with a lack of access to resources  thus excluding young people from voicing their demands in development processes.

Driven by the country's current context and demographic opportunity, ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB) has prioritised social, economic and political empowerment of young people through its programmatic areas. Action for impact (A4I) project at AAB focuses on  facilitattion of youth-led social transformation in the delivery of quality public services (i.e. health and education), skill development opportunities and decent work initiatives. Thematic areas for A4I are :

  • Economic opportunities and decent work
  • Gender and youth responsive public services
  • Youth representation and social cohesion

Simultaneously, in order to influence policy decisions and strengthen media advocacy on grassroots issues, AAB is inviting for applications from passionate young journalists for the ‘ActionAid Young Journalist Media Fellowship 2018’ to initiate and support investigative journalism on the thematic areas of Action for Impact(A4I) project.

Five winning applications from the journalists will be selected for this fellowship.

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