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ActionAid Sponsored Community Schools Regularized

In accordance with constitutional provisions under Article 25-A and also in result of long term human rights based advocacy campaign, as many as five community schools in district Noshki, Balochistan have finally been regularized.  

Provincial education department has been directed to appoint 22 teachers on new created posts in these schools. The primary data reveals that more than 205 children particularly the girls are studying in these schools which are located in far stretched areas of district Noshki.

ActionAid in partnership with Azat Foundation has been working in district Noshki since 2003. It has now been more than 5 years that ActionAid launched an advocacy campaign to convince the provincial government for regularization of community schools. The community has been in the forefront to run this campaign which has an empowering impact on the people.

After successive consultations, dialogue and protest demonstrations; the government of Balochistan conceded to the demands of people. Interestingly, in the notification issued by the government, efforts of ActionAid and its local partner (Azat Foundation) to provide educational services to these communities were acknowledged.

Human rights based approach of development advocated and followed by ActionAid and its local partners have proved beneficial to many communities across the globe particularly in far off areas of Pakistan. Children have also been prioritized in ActionAid’s work anywhere across the country. In schools both public and ActionAid sponsored community schools; children are engaged in the community development projects to make sure that children develop leadership skills.