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Girls Education Alliance Pakistan (GEAP) formed

In collaboration with Oxfam, Plan Pakistan and Care International, ActionAid Pakistan formed an alliance, Girls Education Alliance Pakistan (GEAP) for promotion of girls’ education in Pakistan.


On February 11, 2014; all the four institutions signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on joint policy level strategic initiatives for promoting the cause of girls’ education in Pakistan. This is believed that all four institutions will work together towards greater impact, voice and ability to engage with the power holders / policymaking stakeholders as well as donors.

 Unlike the humanitarian sector, very few co-ordination forums exist for development sector coordination and programming among INGOs in Pakistan. Therefore, there is a strong need to share information among INGOs, with common thematic areas such as Girls’ Education, gender and governance in education. Of particular interest to this collaboration is transitioning from service delivery in education to policy change and advocacy, specifically on GDP allocations, budget spending and the Right to Education. 

It is envisaged that at a national level GEAP will enable its members to have a unified (and stronger) voice and will represent international campaigns locally in Pakistan and vice versa. Additionally, closer coordination will ensure that these organizations are able to develop joint Programmes in future. Similarly joint research and advocacy, coordination and synergies, within the alliance members are expected to bring greater impact and positive change in enabling environment, access and quality of education in Pakistan particularly for girls.

The alliance is supposed to help ActionAid Pakistan and other partners to develop a common approach for policy advocacy in line with their strategic programme objectives to promote access and quality education for all esp. girls living in challenging contexts. Following their own programme approaches, respective operational models and strategies, the partners, in a more coordinated manner, will promote duty bearer’s accountability in delivering education to right holders.

Through the alliance, all partners will firmly support, promote and acknowledge the prominent role of local and national civil society in advocating for girls’ education in Pakistan. It will enable all partners to have a joint platform through which the member organizations (and their local civil society partners) may better coordinate education policy interventions (including but not limited to implementation) in Pakistan.

The alliance intends to keep partners updated on each other’s education sector programming and initiate joint actions to promote the implementation of the Right to Education. In the long run, the alliance will help ActionAid and other partners to develop an understanding and clear delineation of programme areas/ provinces to support collaboration and reduce any possibilities of overlapping and address key challenges of governance and gaps in education policy and implementation.

Initially the Alliance will remain valid for a period of 3 years.  At the end of 3 years, it may be renewed on the willingness of all the partners. Other affiliate members/ parties may join with unanimous concurrence of all existing members.