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Floods Emergency Response 2014

In order to continue its objective of supporting disaster affected people, ActionAid with the support of its local partners, Save The Future (STF) and Anjuman Rifa-i-Aama (ARA) responded to floods emergency in Bagh (AJK) and Pind Dadan Khan (Punjab). 

Recent flash floods in September 2014 caused wide scale destruction in some parts of the country including PD Khan and Bagh. 

ActionAid and its local partners acted promptly and devised an emergency response plan with input from communities based on basic need assessment data.

Initially, we distributed food items (rice, wheat, tea, sugar, oil and pulses) and non-food items (mattresses, quilts, sheets, pillows, crockery, gas cylinder and stoves) to 45 households (360ppl) in Bagh (AJK) and 1000 household (8000 people) in PD Khan.

Through advocacy and lobbying with local health department, ActionAid and its local partners provided medical treatment to Medical treatment to 780 families in PD Khan. 

Similarly, in collaboration with local veterinary health department, livestock vaccination was provided to 990 families.

55 years old Siddique Gareebo from Bagh (AJK) says,

“My shelter was completely destroyed due to monsoon rains of September 2014. I became completely homeless. 

I was very disappointed but in that miserable condition ActionAid and STF came forward to help me. 

They asked us about our needs and later provided us tents, plastic sheets, food items and non-food items.”

 35 years old Shamim Akhtar a resident of PD Khan says,  

“I am that ActionAid and Anjman Rifah e Ama (ARA) provided us medical support. 

They organized medical camps in our village. Many of the children and elders in my village were in dire need of medical support as many water borne diseases erupted after the floods.

Similarly, early announcement of flood proved to be a wonderful support for us. Community led monitoring of flood threat initiated by ActionAid and ARA saved us from major disaster. 

I have also been part of emergency preparedness training which proved a major breakthrough in putting up resilience against flood emergency.

Immediately after the floods, ActionAid and ARA conducted research and collected basic need assessment data from us. 

On the basis of collected information, we were provided food items, non-food items, medical support and livestock vaccination.”